Flat solar panels depend upon photovoltai cell efficiency for converting sunlight to electricity. The light from the panel strikes the panel once and is gone, Yes they have coatings which have some affect but more is better. Flat panels don’t put to use the majority of affective, green light photons, light that impacts them. Let us put that another way, 100 watt hours per square yard on a well lit day: how much of that is being converted to electricity?


Current panels suffer from shading. It has to do with their design. Cells need a certain amout of amperage to develop transmissible voltage through the chain of cells. Amperage is generated by light intensity, not enough light then not enough amps.


Shading means no power; would it not be good to overcome that problem?


Would not a highly efficient panel be a good Idea? Imagine this panel being affordable, on a tracking system to optimize alignment for maximum power output. Well, would not that be a good thing to do?