Humanity has only so much surface area on the planet for converting sunlight or green resources to usable electric power. Therefore optimizing area for power output sounds like a reasonable and logical pursuit, we still need room to live grow food and play and the other activities of life. Solar was chosen since it is affordable.


Considering solar panels for a project typically involves the area for their installation and the behavior and conversion rate of the cells used in the panel. Conversion rate is typically referred to as percent efficiency but in the market panels are sold based upon their wattage. Current panels in the market have common behavioral problems such as shading which stops the panel from producing power due to low light. I wanted to and have developed a panel that behaves based on percent efficiency and the panel does produce power in shading conditions and as a varying output based upon light intensity. I haven’t tried it at night yet.


The Sun puts 1200 watts on every square meter on the Earth. Solar panels are designed to work with green light which has the broadest part of the visible light spectrum of solar energy yielding hundred and 120 Watts per square meter. Percent efficiency then is a part of the 120 Watts per square meter or approximately 100.3 Watts per square yard. Panels of solar cells are sold in wattage and cells are sold in percent efficiency. I decided to build a panel that captured the 100.3 Watts when the in a square yard. I have run through variations of panel design and have arrived at a design that is capable of generating the 100.3 Watts of the square yard footprint area.


I am a Vietnam era vet. I was a fire control technician missiles, I maintained a Mark 118 fire control computer. While I was a sailor I got a call and got a degree in theology. While studying for my degree in theology I became interested in engineering. I studied engineering at the University of Texas at San Antonio and graduated in 92 with a BSEE. I worked a variety of jobs including engineering and software development. I have a really good ability to pay attention to the things that interest me. The development of solar power I believe stagnated and I began to ask questions and try things which has led to this different solar panel. I have been through several concepts, learning with each one.