Getting 82% efficiency

by | Mar 9, 2024 | Blog | 0 comments

To determine the surface area of a solar panel that would correspond to 82% efficiency, we need to consider the efficiency formula:


Efficiency = Energy output / Energy input × 100%

Assuming the energy input is proportional to the surface area (which is a simplification), we can set up a proportion:


Surface area at 82% efficiency/Surface area at known efficiency = 82%Known efficiency

Let’s say we know the surface area at a certain efficiency level, such as 20% efficiency. For this example, let’s use a hypothetical surface area of 10 square meters at 20% efficiency. Then, the calculation would be:


{Surface area at 82% efficiency}{m}^2} = {82%}/{20%}

Solving for the surface area at 82% efficiency:


{Surface area at 82% efficiency} = {m}^2  X {82%}/{20%}

{Surface area at 82% efficiency} = {m}^2 X 4.1

{Surface area at 82% efficiency} = 41{m}^2

So, the surface area corresponding to 82% efficiency would be approximately 41 square meters, assuming a linear relationship between surface area and efficiency. Assuming the 82% efficiency panel was ten meter^2 then its equivalent 20% panel would be 41^2 meters.

Efficiency matters but if only lasts a day then why bother with it. Good news the panels are stainless steel and they have a different designwhich allows the cekk to be good for 60 to 100 years. Bad news the panels aren’t free.

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